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Free Zombie Film Deadville


Deadville is an independent Northern Irish film from Keiran Majury and Alex Devant. The duo wrote and directed this ultra low budget zombie movie back in 2010. The film was the debut movie from the pair’s production company, Fastville. Deadville is a free zombie movie posted for free by the production company behind it. Deadville’s […]
DECAY zombie film free


A small group of students are trapped in the vast maintenance tunnels below CERN’S Large Hadron Collider (the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator) after a disastrous malfunction has occurred. While making desperate attempts to escape the tunnels, the group encounter and is hunted by what’s left of a maintenance team. The workers have […]
The Cover Art for Eat Me! The zombie Film

Eat Me!

    Sometimes you get the munchies. . . Sometimes they get you! WARNING: This movie contains pot smoking, flesh eating, blood drooling, radioactive brain bashing, zombie bagging, warm beer, undead hanky-panky and a heartbreaking testament to the human spirit. Also, some jokes. So reads the cover art for Eat Me! a zombie film from […]
Edges of Darkness free zombie movie

Edges of Darkness

Edges of Darkness spins a tale of three different but interconnected stories with the zombie apocalypse of Los Angeles as their stage. The first story tells the story of a vampire couple that kidnaps a little girl for sustenance. They quickly find the tables have turned and they learn that appearances can be very deceiving. […]
Exit Humanity Watch Zombie Movie For Free

Exit Humanity

“Several outbreaks of the dead returning to life have been reported within the United States. A catastrophe so unspeakable that the future of humanity is at stake. In the midst of the turmoil, an old journal has surfaced, detailing a personal account of the living dead from the 19th century. A journal that may provide […]
Watch Flesh Eating Mothers and other zombie movies online

Flesh Eating Mothers

Flesh Eating Mothers is a 1988 film about two-timing cheating housewives that turn into flesh eating zombie-like cannibals. A horrible venereal disease is basically turning an entire town in suburbia into zombies that crave the taste of human flesh. The teens and children in town grow wise to what’s going on and are faced with […]
Watch NOTLD Free online

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Watch the Trailer Here: Night of the Living Dead – Movie Trailer by HansGruber 84 Watch the Full Movie Here: Problems with the video above? Try these sources: George A. Romero’s Night of The Living Dead is the first free zombie movie ever listed at Since it’s our favorite film and the zombie movie […]