Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ Section (Frequently Asked Questions)


1. Isn’t this illegal? How are you showing full length movies for free?
We aren’t lawyers. . . but there’s no need to worry. Turn out the lights, grab some popcorn and relax. We can assure you we do our research and only feature or link to free zombie movies that are (to the best of our knowledge) 100% free and 100% legal to watch*. You’ll often find these same movies posted elsewhere by the rights holders or film company themselves, or via a third party that has obtained permission to do so. We simply search the web and aggregate all of the great free zombie movies into one easy to browse site.

*Of course we can’t and won’t be held  responsible for the actions of third parties or the actions we take based on the information or false information based provided to us by another party.  We can’t be held responsible if someone claims to be the owner of the rights of a film or provides false documentation/verification and then we share a film they’ve posted and falsely represented as their own.


2. Zombie Movies Streamed Online Free and Legally? What’s the Catch?

Few things in life are perfect and free zombie movies are no exception to that rule. Fortunately the only real catch is some inconvenience.

Many of the free movies you’ll stream here are supported by advertising. You’ll often be shown an advertisement before your movie starts and several times throughout. Some movies also play ads if you choose to skip forward or back in playback. The ad revenue in these situations typically goes to the site hosting the video and not us so it offers some incentive for the movie company and the site to continue offering their content for free. In other words you’ll need to tolerate some advertising.

That takes care of the great folks hosting and offering these movies for free but what about us? Since we offer a free service we earn money through the ads placed directly on our site and many times within some of the videos posted here. Since we need to offset operating expenses (and you know . . . eat too) you’ll have to tolerate the ads we place on our site directly too.

After advertising you’ll need to tolerate standard definition. Some companies choose to offer their content for free only in 480p Standard Definition. At times that’s because it’s an older film and that’s all they have available without expensive remastering. Other times they choose to offer standard definition as a way to encourage you to buy a copy of the film in glorious crystal clear HD.

Another minor inconvenience is some restriction on where you’re able to watch many videos on our site. (See FAQ #4 below.) Many licensing and syndication agreements with content providers prohibit streaming these free videos directly to a mobile device or TV.

Finally, the only other catch is the fact that we feature some pretty cheesy zombie movies. There are a few great ones but many will be independent films and low budget delightfully terrible B or C films. If you like campy zombie flicks, you’re in the right spot!


3. The quality of some of the videos isn’t so great. What’s up?
Video quality depends on a variety of factors including but not limited to: settings and limitations of the device you’re viewing the videos on, the speed and quality of your internet connection, the quality of the source video, and the type of traffic and demand placed on the video hosting servers. We have no control over any of these factors.

We don’t physically host any of the zombie videos found on this site so we have no control over video quality.  We link to, or embed, videos that are physically hosted on a third party’s site or servers. While some videos we post or feature on our site stream in HD, there are many that don’t. Many times for a variety of reasons the content owner or rights holder/licensee hosting the video chooses to offer the content in standard definition only (480p). This may be because it’s an older video and standard definition is all that was available. Other times it is done to allow you to view for free with the hope you’ll want to purchase the HD version. (See FAQ #2) Most of us have been spoiled by HD resolution of 1080p and beyond and unfortunately videos presented in 480p look pretty terrible to us now and especially if you’re watching a standard definition video in fullscreen mode on a large TV or HD monitor. You can sometimes change your TV or monitor settings or resolution setting to display standard definition which might help.

Another big factor is the speed and quality of your internet connection. If you’re on a slow or heavily congested network the quality of video and other media content will suffer. Most of the movies and video players on our site will automatically select and play the best quality level video for you based on the speed and quality of your internet connection. That being said hovering on the player or clicking on the menu or settings icon sometimes allow you to manually select a better video quality. This should increase quality but can increase the amount of time you spend buffering on a slower connection.


4. I watched a movie on your site before and now it’s not playing or no longer available. What gives?
It could be one of several different scenarios.


a.  There may be an issue with the host server, our website or your device. :

The first step is to try refreshing the page in your web browser. That often fixes things if the issue is on our end. Secondly, the host server for the video may be experiencing issues. It could be down or having other problems. Since these factors are controlled by a third party and not us, there’s nothing we can do. We suggest trying the same video again later.


b. Are you trying to view the video or movie from a mobile device,  from a  smart TV web browser or a video game console? :

 Licensing and syndication agreements often won’t allow a film to be streamed from a mobile device or directly to a TV from a PS4, Xbox One etc. Try accessing the movie again from a desktop PC and see if it works. This is commonly a licensing issue with many films hosted by Hulu and other popular video content providers. There may be work-arounds for this situation but the easiest solution is to stream content from a PC or laptop since our site works best with, and is designed for, these devices.


c. The Licensing Has Expired:

Finally, the license period may have expired on the content you’re trying to view.  Some companies only permit their content to be viewed free for a limited period of time. When the time’s up the video is gone. The video will remain unavailable until they choose to republish the content. In this scenario you’ll typically see some sort of message indicating this when you attempt to play the movie. Other times you may see only a gray, white or black screen.

5. I noticed some videos or movies don’t allow me to play the movie on your site. There’s only some photos, a description and a link. Why?
In certain situations a video is available for free viewing ONLY on a certain website. In this scenario licensing restrictions don’t allow us to actually embed the video code and post the video in a player on our site. We think you’ll still enjoy the free zombie movie so we provide a link on where you can watch it for free legally.


6. I know where you can download and stream the latest and greatest zombie movies. Even the one still in theaters. Do you want the link?
Absolutely not. We’re dedicated to providing an archive directory of free zombie movies that zombie fans can stream and view legally. We’re aware there are a variety of copyright infringing illegal download sites on the web. That’s not what we’re about!


7. Wait a minute. Some of your movies are Youtube videos. Aren’t you just sharing something someone else illegally uploaded to their YouTube account?
No. If we’ve featured a zombie movie posted on YouTube we’ve checked to ensure it was uploaded by someone with the right and authority to do so. Otherwise it’s a movie we’ve obtained permission to post or are otherwise permitted to feature on our site.


8. I’m an independent filmmaker or film company and I’d like to have my zombie film featured on your site. Is that possible?
Probably. Contact us to discuss the details.


9. I’m interested in advertising on How do I get started?
Contact us to discuss advertising rates of available ad space.


10. I appreciate all the free and legal talk, but the fact is your site features a video or movie I didn’t give you permission to post or otherwise feature on your site. What can we do?
It’s highly unlikely we feature a zombie movie that we don’t somehow have permission to embed and feature on our site. Chances are if you’ve uploaded your work to another site or transferred or rented the rights to allow it be featured on another site you also granted that site the right to allow sharing and aggregation of that content.

If your protected work did somehow manage to end up on our site and you’d like it removed just contact us to discuss the situation. We’ll require submissions verifying that you own the work and the rights to it along with licensing and copyright information.


11.  I see my zombie related Vine video or YouTube video on your site. I didn’t give you permission to post it and you never asked. I want it taken down.
See FAQ #10 above. Chances are if you’ve publicly uploaded and shared your content on a social media site like those mentioned here, you also granted rights for other usage. This often includes the right for others to share and use the content via a sharing or embed function unless you’ve included some sort of disclaimer or otherwise prevented embedding or sharing. In the future if you’re worried about your content being reposted we’d highly recommend marking posts as private or disabling any options that permit sharing and embedding. That being said we’re reasonable folks and are happy to honor removal requests. It usually isn’t a problem when content creators discover that we love their zombie related video and want to share it! Contact us with your request and we’ll request more information and provide details on how to proceed.


12.  What about the movie images, cover art or poster images you post?

All cover art, movie stills, movie poster images, tagline quotations and related content are used within the terms of the The Doctrine of Fair Use. If you ‘d like to discuss something posted on our site and would like to request removal of cover art or related work that you are responsible for simply contact us to see if we can reach a resolution.