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Zombie Vines

Looking for some short and to the point zombie videos? We’ve collected some of our favorite zombie vine videos and compiled them in one great category. Looking for a fast, free and funny zombie video? Need some quick zombie survival tips? You’ll find just what you’re looking for in our zombie vine videos section.

What is a Vine? A Vine video is a video published with the “Vine” app owned by Twitter. These short videos are typically 6 seconds in length. They’re short, to the point and fun! We’re rounding up some of our favorite zombie related vines here on this page. Enjoy!

Bad zombie survival gear vine featured image

Zombie Vine – Bad Zombie Survival Gear

“So that’s the outfit you picked out bud? . . .” We know zombie survival and we know what good and bad zombie survival gear looks like. We’re just not convinced that this particular outfit is the best idea. Then again if he’s comfortable that’s what is most important. This funny zombie vine video comes […]
One Direction Zombie Vine Video Zombie 1D Featured Image

Zombie Vine – One Direction Zombie Apocalypse

  Vine user ROYAL EDITS posted a pretty cool zombie vine. This fun little zombie vine video features the quintessential Boy Band, One Direction, edited to look like they’re fighting for their lives in the zombie apocalypse. ┬áIt’s done with some clips of The Walking Dead and the red blood splatters are a nice contrasting […]
Funny Zombie Vine Videos

Zombie Spongebob!

Our friend Kevin definitely doesn’t want to be best friends with this Spongebob. We’re not sure what happened to Patrick but we have to assume it’s not good. We sure hope Kevin made it out alive. What do YOU think the best way to handle a zombie Spongebob would be? Let us know by leaving […]
A very cool stop animation zombie vine

Zombie Apocalypse Part 1 and 2

Zombie Apocalypse Part 1: Zombie Apocalypse Part 2: Vine user QPark is known to many. With 1.7 million followers at the time of this post, along with some pretty cool paid contracted vines he’s created for some pretty big corporate names under his belt, QPark is a household name in the vine world. Two of […]
Get rid of that annoying kid in the zombie apocalypse

Get Rid of the Annoying Kid in The Zombie Apocalypse

There’s always one guy or girl in the group that is annoying, sick, weak, or just plain expendable. This funny zombie vine video features a group of guys getting ready to take on hordes of zombies. The poor guy on the end doesn’t get a rifle or a shotgun. He’s left with a puny little […]
Failed Zombie Plan Funny Zombie Vine

Failed Zombie Plan: (You’re Doing it Wrong!)

You’re doing it wrong! This funny zombie vine outlines a flawed zombie action plan. Clearly when the human population is dwindling we’ll need to think about our sustainability as a species. Unfortunately these guys have it all wrong! This vine got me to start thinking. If you had to repopulate the earth in after a […]