Flesh Eating Mothers

Flesh Eating Mothers Horror Zombie Movie

Flesh Eating Mothers is a 1988 film about two-timing cheating housewives that turn into flesh eating zombie-like cannibals. A horrible venereal disease is basically turning an entire town in suburbia into zombies that crave the taste of human flesh. The teens and children in town grow wise to what’s going on and are faced with the tough decision on whether they should just run away, kill their flesh eating moms, or find some other way to stop the cannibalistic flesh eating madness.

If you like corny, campy, low budget horror b-movies from the 1980s this one is a must see!

Watch the trailer for Flesh Eating Mothers Here:

Run Time:  Approximately 89 minutes
Release Date: September 16, 1988
Writers: James Aviles Martin and Zev Shlasinger
Director: James Aviles Martin
Producers: James Aviles Martin and Miljan Peter Ilich
Associate Producers: Michael Helman and Harry Eisenstein
Executive Producers: Fred Martin, Peter Lewnes
Starring: Robert Lee Oliver, Neal Rosen, Donatella Hecht, Valorie Hubbard, Terry Hayes, Suzanne Ehrlich, Katherine Mayfield and more.

With awesome taglines like these you know this one has to be delightfully bad:

They bit off more than they could chew!!!

“Mom Always Said, ‘No Snacks Between Meals,’ But What If You Were The Next Meal?”

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  1. This movie is not available

    • Thanks for notifying us. Unfortunately licensing agreements expire for many films and they’re often taken down or moved without us being aware. This film is available again and we’ve updated the sources above.

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