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The Forever Dead

Watch the Free Zombie Movie “Forever Dead” The problems first started when an innocent looking little bunny rabbit escaped from a shady university lab test facility. This bunny’s bite proceeded to unleash an epidemic of undead terror.   View the trailer for The Forever Dead below: It seems an entire rural community has been afflicted […]
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“. . . Cinder doesn’t intend to let a little thing like being dead stop her; she’s got places to go and people to kill. And . . . she only has until midnight!” Looking to watch Cadaverella full movie free? Watch this zombie movie, Cadaverella, free! Cinder has a chip on her shoulder and […]
Free Zombie Movie Online Awaken The Dead

Awaken The Dead

“A Killer Priest. The Undead. A Dark and Deadly Past!” Redemption comes with a hefty price tag! Due to two mysterious letters an ex assassin priest with a troubled past finds himself trapped in a house with a former prostitute. The house ends up surrounded by zombies. Are the real monsters inside or outside? They […]