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ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction

Running Time: Approximately 89 minutes Release Date: April 2009 at various film festivals and on DVD in the USA on March 23, 2010 Rated: R Writers: Kevin Hamedani, Ramon Isao Director: Kevin Hamedani Starring: Janette Armand, Cooper Hopkins, Doug Fahl and more. Also Known As “Zombieworld” in Germany Watch the Trailer Here: Like the looks […]
Silent Night Zombie Night Cover Art Watch Free

Silent Night Zombie Night

This Christmas You are the Holiday Feast Watch the Trailer for this Zombie Movie Here: Silent Night, Zombie Night (2011) – Official Trailer by splatterwelt “This Christmas open your presents and pray for guns. . . lots of guns.” Plot It’s a week before Christmas and a horrible zombie virus outbreak has turned the citizens […]
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Deader Country

WATCH THE TRAILER HERE: Deader Country – Trailer by Oh My Gore ! “Things just got a whole lot deader!” (This zombie film is actually a sequel to the 2008 film Dead Country.) While skipping school, two unlucky teenagers stumble across a strange mutated hybrid creature. It appears to be half man and half beast. […]
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Platoon of the Dead

A marine platoon is ambushed while on a mission and only a few brave soldiers are left alive. They’re fleeing to their extraction point and if they can just survive the night they’ll be OK. They come across a seemingly abandoned house with three mysterious women hiding inside. Little do they know the house is […]