Exit Humanity

Exit Humanity DVD Cover Art

“Several outbreaks of the dead returning to life have been reported within the United States. A catastrophe so unspeakable that the future of humanity is at stake. In the midst of the turmoil, an old journal has surfaced, detailing a personal account of the living dead from the 19th century. A journal that may provide answers to this dark plague threatening mankind.”

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In the wake of the Civil War an unexplained zombie outbreak claims the life of Edward Young’s wife. Meanwhile his son disappears and he sets off a trek across the plagued countryside in a search for answers.


Release Date: First released via film festivals throughout the world in 2011, this zombie movie was later released on DVD  in the U.S. in 2012.
Rating: Unrated
Production Companies: Foresight Features, Optix Digital Pictures, Post-production by Bloody Disgusting
Starring: Brian Cox, Dee Wallace, Mark Gibson, Bill Moseley, Jordan Hayes, Stephen McHattie, Adam Seybold and more.

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