Swamp Zombies!!!

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“Raised from the dead . . . .
Engineered to Kill . . .
. . . Dying to eat”

Swamp Zombies!!! Plot Synopsis:
The chief physician at a a large metropolitan area hospital is in the process of developing a very special serum: one that resurrects recently deceased patients and brings them back to life. Of course his activities and the hospital quickly draw the attention of the federal government and they come to do an inspection.

The doctor needs to get rid of the bodies, excuse me. . . “patients” as quickly as possibly. With some help from the hospital operations manager the doctor manages to dump all of his test subjects in the neighboring swamplands area.

There’s just one problem, the doctor was in mid experiment and he doesn’t even know whether the experiment works. As any zombie fan would suspect, the serum does work and the zombies rise from the swamp to cause terrror in a group of students that just so happen to be conducting science experiments of their own at the swamp. A swamp hermit, a gorgeous innocent bystander, a park ranger, and the police captain must all work together to figure out what happened. Will they survive? Watch this zombie movie free and find out!

Release Date: July 22 2005 (USA)
Run Time: Approximately 114 minutes
Filming Locations: Erie and Meadville, Pennsylvania
Rated: Not Rated
Director and Writer: Len Kabasinski
Produced by: Len Kabasinski and Lisa McQuiston
Starring: Brian Heffron, Pamela Sutch, Jasmin St. Claire, Dan Severn, Shannon Solo and more.

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