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The problems first started when an innocent looking little bunny rabbit escaped from a shady university lab test facility. This bunny’s bite proceeded to unleash an epidemic of undead terror.


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It seems an entire rural community has been afflicted and it is spiraling out of control in flesh eating madness. Six mismatched people find themselves forced to fight together to save their lives and their sanity. Will this group of survivors be able to overcome the odds and survive against hordes of flesh craving once human zombie figures? Or will their own inner demons and personal issues end up in them killing each other first before the zombies get their chance? Find out by watching this full zombie movie for free!

Free Zombie Movie Title: “The Forever Dead”
Release Date: 2007
Writer: Bill Mulligan and Christine Parker
Director: Christine Parker
Rated: Unrated
Starring: Bill Mulligan, Libby Lynn, Jessie Walley

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VIDEO UPDATE: It appears the licensing agreement has probably expired for this zombie film. As a result, this film may be unavailable for viewing. We’re working hard to find alternate sources to view this zombie movie free. In the meantime you might want to consider buying or renting it below.



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