Storm of the Dead

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Looking to watch a low budget zombie film? Storm of the Dead is a 2006 film from Bob Cook and you can watch it here for free on Free Zombie Movies .com!  Read up on this zombie film below and then watch it for free, legally!

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Storm of the Dead Plot Synopsis:

There’s a major Category 5 hurricane heading toward land in Florida’s panhandle.  Looters and society’s scum decide they’re going to take advantage of the opportunity.  This forces the President of the United States to reactivate  the Florida Militia in a last ditch effort to restore order and stability to the area.  The Militia is ordered to shoot all looters on site and they gun down and kill one particular looter  that will come back to haunt them.  The looter’s grandmother is a Voodoo Queen and she decides she isn’t going to sit by without taking some action to avenge her grandson’s death.  The Voodoo Grandma seeks revenge on the Militia.


We haven’t seen this movie yet but from the reviews we’ve read online indicate this one may move a little slow for some viewers. I’ve also seen complaints there is only ONE zombie in the movie and that zombie doesn’t appear until very late in the film.  It’s a low/no budget zombie horror film you can view for free. What did you expect. 😉

Free Zombie Movie Title: Storm of the Dead
Run Time: Approximately 88 Minutes
Release Date: September, 2006
Writer: Bob Cook
Director: Bob Cook
Starring: Bob Cook, Carlos Guity, Todd Terry and More
Production Company: B.C. Entertainment Group

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4 thoughts on “Storm of the Dead

  1. shirley Littlefield says:

    Love zombie

  2. shirley Littlefield says:

    Love it

  3. Robert Harrison says:

    2006 release date with 1956 action and acting. Never heard of any of the actors, neither I suspect will see them again.

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