Platoon of the Dead

Platoon of the Dead Zombie Movie

A marine platoon is ambushed while on a mission and only a few brave soldiers are left alive. They’re fleeing to their extraction point and if they can just survive the night they’ll be OK. They come across a seemingly abandoned house with three mysterious women hiding inside. Little do they know the house is home to a dark secret. Will the soldiers be able to survive the night and a a Platoon of zombies?

Release Date: June 16, 2009
Rating: Not Rated
Running Time: Approximately 82 Minutes
Director and Writer: John Bowker
Platoon of the Dead Stars: Chris Keown, Ariauna Albright and Tom Stedham

Man had forever thought that the greatest war ever engaged would be against one another. Giant national superpowers killing each other for land and riches.

What man didn’t count on was how they would have to band together and fight as one against a far greater threat than each other. The threat of the dead.

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