Deadlands: The Rising

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The world as we know it . . . is coming to an end!


Plot Synopsis: It’s October, 2008 and terror attacks involving biochemical weapon explosions rock several major cities throughout the United States. These explosions end up causing a series of chain reactions and events that end up bringing the dead back to life. Five citizens of Baltimore, Maryland learn just what sort of terror has been unleased: zombie terror! They take as stand as the world is rapidly succumbing to the walking dead. A man stuck in a traffic jam barely escapes and makes a heroic effort to warn others of the dangers heading their way. Best friends fight for the lives to return home and find the fat of their families while a mother and son duo desperately try to escape the zombies gathering outside. While each human makes their final stand, the hordes of zombies continue to grow.

Release Date: October 23rd, 2006
Running Time: Approximately 72 minutes
Director: Gary Ugarek
Writer: Gary Ugarek
Production Company: Wetnwildradio Films
Special Effects: Spaghetti Industries and Studio Coleoptera
Starring: Gary Ugarek, Michelle Wright, Dave Cooperman and more

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  1. WTF happened to the dog?………………………………not a bad movie

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