Deader Country


Deader Country 2009 Zombie Movie

“Things just got a whole lot deader!”

(This zombie film is actually a sequel to the 2008 film Dead Country.)

While skipping school, two unlucky teenagers stumble across a strange mutated hybrid creature. It appears to be half man and half beast. It turns out this alien is half man, half alien and ALL zombie. The hideous zombie has managed to shamble unseen across the desolate rural countryside until it happens upon the town of Pleasance. The teens nurse the mutated zombie beast back to health, only to discover they’ve unleashed a deadly zombie plaque upon their unsuspecting town.

Release Date: October 2009 (USA)
Running Time: Approximately 85 minutes
Directed By: Andrew Merkelbach
Written By: Andrew Merkelbach, Ben Trebilcook
Starring: Charissa Bowers, Michelle Bowers, Luke Besley, Elizabeth Cooper, Dave Corsile, Andrew Merkelbech and more.



Availability Update: Unfortunately it appears the licensing agreement for this film with the third party hosting environment may have expired. Due to this, or other reasons, this zombie movie is currently unavailable for free online streaming. We’re searching for new streaming alternatives for this film and we’ll update this page with new options as soon as we have them.



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