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Storm of the Dead Watch Free Zombie Movies Online

Storm of the Dead

Looking to watch a low budget zombie film? Storm of the Dead is a 2006 film from Bob Cook and you can watch it here for free on Free Zombie Movies .com!  Read up on this zombie film below and then watch it for free, legally! Please note, according to our research, the film below […]
Cadaverella Free Zombie Movies - Watch This and More Free Full Length Zombie Movies Free


“. . . Cinder doesn’t intend to let a little thing like being dead stop her; she’s got places to go and people to kill. And . . . she only has until midnight!” Looking to watch Cadaverella full movie free? Watch this zombie movie, Cadaverella, free! Cinder has a chip on her shoulder and […]
RetarDEAD Watch Free


Looking to watch RetarDEAD? Good news! We provide the resources for you to stream the RetarDEAD full movie free! “They’re not so special anymore . . .”   Watch the Trailer for RetarDEAD:   Release Date: July 11, 2008 (USA) Run Time: Approximately 100 Minutes Rated: Not Rated Writers: Rick Popko, Dan West Directors: Rick […]
Watch Flesh Eating Mothers and other zombie movies online

Flesh Eating Mothers

Flesh Eating Mothers is a 1988 film about two-timing cheating housewives that turn into flesh eating zombie-like cannibals. A horrible venereal disease is basically turning an entire town in suburbia into zombies that crave the taste of human flesh. The teens and children in town grow wise to what’s going on and are faced with […]
Free Zombie Film Deadville


Deadville is an independent Northern Irish film from Keiran Majury and Alex Devant. The duo wrote and directed this ultra low budget zombie movie back in 2010. The film was the debut movie from the pair’s production company, Fastville. Deadville is a free zombie movie posted for free by the production company behind it. Deadville’s […]
Watch zombiegeddon online free zombie movies onlin


Looking for a low budget free zombie movie to watch online? Zombiegeddon is a zombie movie from Troma. That’s right…it’s a Troma Team production and that’s really all you need to know. These guys have been bringing horror and zombie fans gloriously goofy low budget indpendent horror films for decades. If you’ve seen The Toxic […]
Watch the comedy Zombie Short Film "Summer of the Zombies" here

Summer of the Zombies (A Zombedy): Zombie Short Film

Watch the Summer of the Zombies Zombie Short Film Here:   Summer of the Zombies (A Zomedy) by coffeeshopsquatters   Summer of the Zombies is an award winning zombie short film written and directed by the husband and wife writer/directer team of Ashleigh Nicols and Eddie Beasley. The pair are the founder of Owlet Pictures.  This […]
Funny Zombie Vine Videos

Zombie Spongebob!

Our friend Kevin definitely doesn’t want to be best friends with this Spongebob. We’re not sure what happened to Patrick but we have to assume it’s not good. We sure hope Kevin made it out alive. What do YOU think the best way to handle a zombie Spongebob would be? Let us know by leaving […]