The Wall Street Journal Live Interviews Norman Reedus


The Wall Street Journal’s Paul Vigna sat down with The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus for a 10 minute long interview that was originally published on March 3rd, 2014. They talk about Daryl and Beth’s relationship, how Daryl Dixon approaches leadership and much more. The pair also discusses  how Norman Reedus got started with social media like Twitter and how it changes the nature of spoilers and promotion.

Norman then shares the truth about how he got started with The Walking Dead and how he nearly wasn’t a part of the show at all. He recaps how the character was created just for him and goes on to discuss how he played a part in the development of the character. Norman discusses Daryl’s troubled past, whether or not there are things we don’t know about Daryl and how he sometimes gets shot down when trying to offer his creative input on the development of the Daryl Dixon character.

When asked who has changed more since the start of The Walking Dead,  his character or he himself personally, Norman offers up some great responses.  The interview closes with Norman’s choice for the coolest weapon on The Walking Dead.

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