Norman Reedus Discusses his “10 Essentials” With GQ

GQ chatted with Norman Reedus and had him discuss his list of 10 essentials he really doesn’t want to live without. First published on October 9th, 2013 this video runs just under three minutes and is a fun look into the man behind “Daryl Dixon.”

You’ll learn that Norman needs his Francis Francis Expresso Maker and his Sean Patrick Flanery coffee Mug that says “Zombies are looking for brains. Don’t worry, you’re safe.”

Norman also explains that he’s a hugger and he’s constantly wrapping his arms around someone. He finds Kieh’s Original Musk helps make him smell better for the ladies.

Why sweep floors when you don’t have to? That’s a philosophy we share with Mr. Reedus. Next up on Norman’s 10 Essentials list is his Roomba floor vacuuming robot. He likes to plug it in to charge it up at night and then turn it on in the morning so it cleans his whole floor. Smart!

Next up on Norman’s list is his Fuji X20 Camera. His guitar playing friend was helping Norman choose a guitar. He told him to get the guitar that feels the most comfortable and that feels the best to hold because you’ll play with it more. Norman applied that same reasoning to choosing a camera. He went with the Fuji X20, a 12 Megapixel digital camera with a Fujinon f/2.0-2.8 4x optical zoom lens and a 2.8″ advanced optical viewfinder.

Norman Reedus uses this Fujifilm X20 camera

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Next, Norman loves South Park. When people ask him what he would really do if caught in the zombie apocalypse he usually replies he’s nothing like the character he plays on The Walking Dead and that he would probably just barricade himself inside and watch South Park.

Norman also likes his novelty Boob Pillow. So much so he places it at number 7 on his “10 Essentials” list. He likes to take it on the plane and people are always commenting on it. We have to say it does look comfortable!

Item number eight on Norman’s list are his Ray-Ban sunglasses. Although people tease him and say his sunglasses are obnoxious because he wears them everywhere, Norman says it’s nice to be able to hide behind them sometimes. It appears he really likes his “Original Wayfarer” sunglasses. He wears them so much we’re pretty sure everyone recognizes them even with them on.

Norman really loves item #9 on his list: his Triumph Scrambler motorcycle. He often jumps on his bike and rides home after working on set at The Walking Dead without cleaning up. He’ll be covered in dirt and fake blood which he says often earns him some strange looks.

What’s the last item on his list? You’d probably be shocked to learn he often takes bunny slippers with him because, “everybody needs bunny slippers.”

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