Redneck Zombies

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“They’re Tobacco Chewin’, Gut Chompin’, Cannibal Kinfolk from Hell!”

There’s something extra awesome about a terribly bad zombie B-movie that was originally available on VHS. Redneck Zombies was first available via VHS in 1987.  Thanks to the new life recently breathed into the zombie film genre, this cult classic is seeing renewed interest. This is from the folks at Troma Productions. If that name sounds familiar it’s probably because it’s synonymous with delightfully bad horror B-movies. Does The Toxic Avenger ring a bell? That’s the type of horror comedy gold you’ll see here.

A barrel of toxic waste spills into the moonshine. Of course the farmer hillbillies aren’t going to throw it out so they drink it anyway. The homebrew turns them into hideous flesh-eating zombies dead set on eating a hapless group of city picnickers.

Running Time: Approximately 84 Minutes
Release Date: October 1987. (A wide range of release dates are listed on the web for this movie. We’ve seen everything from 1986 to 1989 listed. We’re going with 1987 since it’s the most commonly seen date and it’s also the date listed on Troma’s own website.)
Directed By: Pericles Lewnes
Written By: Zoofeet, P. Floyd Piranha and Fester Smellman
Starring Lisa DeHaven, James Housely, Tyrone Taylor, W.E. Benson, and William W. Decker



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