Plague is a zombie movie that premiered in Australia in 2014. It released in the United States on our about May 12th, 2015. Read additional details about this film below.

Pray you don’t survive!

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Plot Summary:

After they managed to survive a plague-like infection that wiped out most of humanity, a group of survivors have to fight through the world of turmoil the sickness left behind.

This small band of survivors in Australia run into trouble and become separated from Evie (Tean Crowley) husband John (Scott Marcus) during an attack. They retreat to their survival shelter to wait for John to return. When he doesn’t the group decides to declare him dead and move on. Much to the dismay of the group, Evie refuses to leave John behind. The survivors agree to disagree and they take the remaining supplies, leaving Evie to fend for herself. John returns and is frustrated to find out Evie let the survivors split with their supplies. John and Evie survive on their own but eventually get surrounded by the undead. John calls it quits and is just about to commit suicide due to the despair. An unexpected stranger shows up at the last minute and saves the pair before John can carry out his plan. The trio carries on together toward an extraction point. On their journey there are stunning revelations, relationship struggles, romance, drama, betrayal and more. How will it all play out? Check out the full movie for free below and find out!

Rated: Unrated
Release Date: May 12th, 2015 (USA)
Running Time: Approximately 84 minutes
Directors: Nick Kozakis, Kostas Ouzas
Writer: Kostas Ouzas
Production Company: Exile Entertainment
Special Effects: Spaghetti Industries and Studio Coleoptera
Distributors: Screen Media Films (USA and Canada)
Starring: Tegan Crowley, Don Bridges, Cris Cochrane

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