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A small group of students are trapped in the vast maintenance tunnels below CERN’S Large Hadron Collider (the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator) after a disastrous malfunction has occurred. While making desperate attempts to escape the tunnels, the group encounter and is hunted by what’s left of a maintenance team. The workers have […]
Rammbock Berlin Undead Cover Watch Free Here

Rammbock: Berlin Undead

  Germany is dead. Michael just arrived in Berlin to visit his ex-girlfriend Gabi. He’s returning her keys but hopes to also save their relationship. A horrible virus is overtaking Berlin, one that turns people into ravenous blood thirsty, flesh hungry zombies. These aren’t your slow shambling classic zombies either! Michael arrives at Gabi’s apartment […]
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Redneck Zombies

Looking to watch Redneck Zombies full movie online for free? We’ve got you covered. Check out this campy low budget zombie film for free right here! Scroll down to view the trailer, full film and additional information. “They’re Tobacco Chewin’, Gut Chompin’, Cannibal Kinfolk from Hell!” There’s something extra awesome about a terribly bad zombie […]
Free Zombie Movie Online Awaken The Dead

Awaken The Dead

“A Killer Priest. The Undead. A Dark and Deadly Past!” Redemption comes with a hefty price tag! Due to two mysterious letters an ex assassin priest with a troubled past finds himself trapped in a house with a former prostitute. The house ends up surrounded by zombies. Are the real monsters inside or outside? They […]
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Eat Me!

    Sometimes you get the munchies. . . Sometimes they get you! WARNING: This movie contains pot smoking, flesh eating, blood drooling, radioactive brain bashing, zombie bagging, warm beer, undead hanky-panky and a heartbreaking testament to the human spirit. Also, some jokes. So reads the cover art for Eat Me! a zombie film from […]
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Platoon of the Dead

A marine platoon is ambushed while on a mission and only a few brave soldiers are left alive. They’re fleeing to their extraction point and if they can just survive the night they’ll be OK. They come across a seemingly abandoned house with three mysterious women hiding inside. Little do they know the house is […]


VIEW THE TRAILER: Watch the trailer for “AAAH! ZOMBIES!!” to see if this zombie film looks interesting. Then scroll down and view the full film for free! Aaah! Zombies!! TRAILER by HorrorNews.Net As the name implies, AAAH! ZOMBIES! isn’t your typical zombie movie. This zombie comedy puts a new spin on the undead film genre […]