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Bad zombie survival gear vine featured image

Zombie Vine – Bad Zombie Survival Gear

“So that’s the outfit you picked out bud? . . .” We know zombie survival and we know what good and bad zombie survival gear looks like. We’re just not convinced that this particular outfit is the best idea. Then again if he’s comfortable that’s what is most important. This funny zombie vine video comes […]
One Direction Zombie Vine Video Zombie 1D Featured Image

Zombie Vine – One Direction Zombie Apocalypse

  Vine user ROYAL EDITS posted a pretty cool zombie vine. This fun little zombie vine video features the quintessential Boy Band, One Direction, edited to look like they’re fighting for their lives in the zombie apocalypse.  It’s done with some clips of The Walking Dead and the red blood splatters are a nice contrasting […]
Super Zero Zombie Short Film

Super Zero – Zombie Short Film

Super Zero – Zombie Short Film “Do what you can with what you have, where you are.” Plot Synopsis: Josh Hershberg feels like a zero. He’s a lonely tech-loving engineering super geek that also happens to be sick with cancer. On top of all that he simply wishes the girl he’s been eyeing would at […]
Watch free zombie movie: Deadlands the rising

Deadlands: The Rising

Watch Deadlands: The Rising The world as we know it . . . is coming to an end!   Plot Synopsis: It’s October, 2008 and terror attacks involving biochemical weapon explosions rock several major cities throughout the United States. These explosions end up causing a series of chain reactions and events that end up bringing […]
Free Zombie Movie The Forever Dead - Watch Free Zombie Movies Online at FreeZombieMovies.com

The Forever Dead

Watch the Free Zombie Movie “Forever Dead” The problems first started when an innocent looking little bunny rabbit escaped from a shady university lab test facility. This bunny’s bite proceeded to unleash an epidemic of undead terror.   View the trailer for The Forever Dead below: It seems an entire rural community has been afflicted […]
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Swamp Zombies!!!

Watch this Full Zombie Movie Free: Swamp Zombies!!! “Raised from the dead . . . . Engineered to Kill . . . . . . Dying to eat” Swamp Zombies!!! Plot Synopsis: The chief physician at a a large metropolitan area hospital is in the process of developing a very special serum: one that resurrects […]
Storm of the Dead Watch Free Zombie Movies Online

Storm of the Dead

Looking to watch a low budget zombie film? Storm of the Dead is a 2006 film from Bob Cook and you can watch it here for free on Free Zombie Movies .com!  Read up on this zombie film below and then watch it for free, legally! Please note, according to our research, the film below […]
Cadaverella Free Zombie Movies - Watch This and More Free Full Length Zombie Movies Free


“. . . Cinder doesn’t intend to let a little thing like being dead stop her; she’s got places to go and people to kill. And . . . she only has until midnight!” Looking to watch Cadaverella full movie free? Watch this zombie movie, Cadaverella, free! Cinder has a chip on her shoulder and […]